Email & Data Protection

Email continues to be the #1 attacked vector by cybercriminals.

Dramatic increases in the volume and success of phishing attacks and migration to cloud email require re-evaluating email security controls and processes.

Despite the growth in more targeted attacks through other vectors, email is still the most common channel for opportunistic and targeted attacks and a significant source of data loss.

Backed by the best manufacturers in the business, Hiscall can deploy highly-effective security solutions, easy to purchase and easy to use. As cyber threats continue to evolve, some steps companies are taking include:

  • Protection against URL-Based advanced threats
  • Complete coverage from social engineered cyberattacks such as phishing
  • Advanced threat intelligence
  • Powerful artificial intelligence that outsmarts attackers

Allow the Hiscall Team to provide you with solutions to help make your organization’s email and data safer.

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Email & Data Protection

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